Cleaning Your Pool Regularly is Important

If you have a swimming pool at home, you likely enjoy using it on a daily basis during the summer. With frequent use, the pool needs proper maintenance and care to keep it in good condition and safe for your family and friends. If you want to maintain your pool easily this summer, there are a few helpful tips to follow when cleaning your pool.

1. Remove Debris

Removing debris in the pool is essential for proper maintenance and to keep the water clean. Skim the surface of the pool at least once each week to gather leaves, blossoms, insects, and pollen. Also, consider relocating any trees or bushes that are causing a mess in the water to prevent as much debris from entering the pool.

You’ll also want to clean the pump filter during the process, which can become clogged due to debris that accumulates in the water. Shut off the system and close the skimmer valve to keep the water in place to avoid having to reprime the system again. You can unscrew the cover and remove the basket before emptying it into the garbage.

2. Test the Pool Chemistry

Testing the pool will show what chemicals are needed to balance and improve the quality of the water. The chemicals need to be adjusted on a weekly basis by altering the pH. Use muriatic acid if the water is over 7.6 and add soda ash product if it’s under 7.4. Shocking the water is also necessary by dissolving chlorine or making it more alkaline by adding extra baking soda. When using chlorine, opt for lithium-based chlorine because it dissolves quickly and won’t leave any residue behind.

3. Promote Circulation

Proper circulation is important when cleaning your pool to reduce the risk of cloudy water and algae growth throughout the season. The pool pump and filter should be running 24/7 for the best results. Opt for using a variable speed pump, which will keep the pool clean and help you save energy and money.

4. Replace Damaged Skimmer Lids

An essential step to take to protect the safety of swimmers is to replace a damaged skimmer lid. First, turn off the power to your pool pump, then remove the screws that secure the lid and install a new lid that is the correct replacement size. You’ll need to check the make and model of the damaged lid to ensure that the new product fits correctly. Secure the screws tightly to prevent it from coming loose.

5. Vacuum the Pool

Consider purchasing an automatic swimming pool cleaner to remove debris that accumulates on the floor of the pool throughout the week to keep the water clear. The vacuum head should be lowered to the bottom of the pool with a hand-over-hand method. The free end of the hose should be connected to the opening on the back of the skimmer. The vacuum can be moved similarly to how you’d use a household vacuum cleaner. Be sure to also check and clear the pool pump strainer basket weekly to prevent clogging.

Cleaning your pool and maintaining the parts is essential to keep it operating effectively throughout the summer season.

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