How to Decorate a House to Make it a Home

Home decor makes all the difference when turning a house from an empty and impersonal shell into an inviting home. When decorating a new house, the details make the most impact. If you’re not sure where to start with your home, consider these ten key ways of learning how to decorate a house and make it a comfortable place.

1. Paint

When beginning to decorate a house, painting the walls is the best place to start. Whether you choose to paint one accent wall a different color or cover all the walls in the same color, paint has the power to transform a space and make it look cozier. Even if you transition from a stark white color to a cream color, there is a difference in warmth. Consider the amount of light a room gets, and from which direction, when choosing the shade of paint.

2. Area Rugs

Large area rugs are perfect for any space. Whether it’s the living room or bedroom, use an area rug. Not only does it add a sense of visual depth to the room, it feels good to walk on. Even if you have carpet, it’s still okay to add an area rug for dimension.

3. Fresh Flowers and Plants

Anything fresh has the power to liven up a room. If you choose to use indoor potted plants, they naturally cleanse the air and keep it purified. When it’s time to go grocery shopping, pick up a bouquet of flowers and place them in a vase. These are easy ways to add beauty to your home.

4. Flameless Candles

Candles add a feeling of warmth and coziness to a home but can harm your indoor air quality and be a fire hazard. You can buy electric votive candles and place them around your home to simulate the look of candlelight. Some even come with a remote control and a timer so that you can turn them on and off easily, even if they are placed up high.

5. Landscaping

For curb appeal, build a small flower garden along the entryway to the home. Use rocks or bricks to create a border. Plant seasonal flowers and evergreen shrubs for a classic look.

6. Fixture Replacement

The wall plates, light switch covers, and doorknobs that came with the house don’t have to be the ones you keep and continue to use. Look online or in home improvement stores for replacements that would add decorative accents. Don’t tamper with any wires when you’re changing plates as it can be dangerous.

7. Wall Art

There are so many concepts to choose from when it’s time to decorate a wall. You can choose wall art that takes up the length of one wall. A gallery wall is always fun. Statement pieces that are sculptural add depth.

8. Furniture

The larger pieces of furniture are really important. Because couches and dining room tables take up so much space, it’s a good idea to keep them complementary to the decor. For the best appearance, keep the colors neutral. This way, it’ll be easier to decorate around them.

9. Decorative Pillows

Throw pillows are small and easy to switch out. Pillows are one of the easiest contributions when you’re figuring out how to decorate a house. Consider using different patterns, colors, and textures when it’s time to pick out pillows that fit your home’s decor.

10. Faux Tiles

If you want the look of tile flooring without the hefty price tag, faux tiles are beautiful and a lot cheaper. Plus, they tend to be easier to clean. They give off the same appeal and effect, but don’t require the same maintenance. You can also use them on the walls as a backsplash and on ceilings.

If you become intentional about applying these details to your home, you will notice a difference in the indoor ambiance. As your confidence grows in the area of learning how to decorate a house, you can start to venture outside of the box. Make sure the final product is reflective of you and your personality.

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