A home inspection is most often requested by a potential buyer to gain information on the property they’re considering purchasing. As a homeowner, you may think that you know about all of your home’s maintenance and repair issues. However, a pre-listing home inspection can give you valuable details about your home to help you prepare it for buyers. Here are a few benefits associated with ordering a home inspection before listing your home for sale.

Understanding What a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Is

A pre-listing home inspection is similar to a buyer’s inspection, but it is ordered by the homeowner before the home is officially listed for sale. During the inspection, a professional home inspector will review and report on the major components of your home. The inspection typically covers the roof, heating and cooling system, plumbing features, and electrical system, to name a few.

The inspector will determine if there are trouble spots that may require attention before listing your home on the market and will help you to:

1. Learn About the Property’s True Condition

Regardless of how long you have lived in your home, there is a good chance that it has defects that you are unaware of. Areas of concern may be impossible for you to identify without substantial training and proper equipment. An experienced home inspector will give you accurate and thorough information about your home’s actual condition.

2. Focus Your Pre-Listing Prep Efforts

Many homeowners make repairs and updates to their home before listing it for sale. The goal may be to erase some signs of wear and tear, and sellers also want to make their home as appealing as possible. Without a pre-listing home inspection, you may be guessing about which efforts to make. A property inspection report gives you an idea of which items are most important so that you can focus your efforts strategically.

3. Promote a Smoother Sales Process

A home inspection is not a required step in the sales process, but most buyers do opt for a property inspection. With this in mind, you can expect that they will learn about any maintenance issues or needed repairs in their home inspection report. When you have this information upfront and take steps to address serious issues, you can avoid any surprises and delays related to negotiations and close more quickly on your home.

4. Set Your Home Apart

Sellers often make improvements based on information shown in a pre-listing home inspection. After repairs and updates have been made, they can order a reinspection that shows the home is in great condition and provide the report to a buyer as a selling point.

While ordering a pre-listing home inspection is not required, it provides sellers with several strategic advantages. If you are preparing to list your home for sale soon, it makes sense to order a property inspection as part of the pre-listing prep process.

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